Simple Ways To Use Essay Outline Template Effectively

Nothing makes essay writing less stressful than the right topic selection and outline. Once there is a framework, you will be able to organise and present your ideas in the appropriate order. There will also be less error in your paper. And it can save your time and energy. But, once you have the structure sorted out, writing the body would be the next thing to tackle. Here are tips on how to go about it.

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Many individuals have challenges choose the right topic. But have in mind that selecting the right topic will help you produce a decent copy. However, to make the right choice, have more than one essay topics. Then, if you can easily find information on a subject on the list, consider it. If you are comfortable with your option, place it at the top of your paper.

  3. Find out what your instructor wants
  4. Make sure you follow instructions strictly when working on your assignment. You will save time and impress your teacher by doing so. There are things your instructor might want you to mention in your paper, which is possible only when you understand the instructions given. So even if you can write better by reading essay examples, always adhere strictly to guidelines from your teacher.

  5. Consider your thesis statement
  6. The thesis statement is just a few sentences, but very important. It will help readers understand your paper and develop interest. So, when learning how to write an essay, try to improve on how you write the thesis statement. Attention-grabbing introduction and thesis statement can make or break your paper.

  7. Organize those ideas
  8. An outline is like the skeleton of your paper. But you need ideas which will stand as the flesh to cover the frame. Since you already have a suitable topic from a list of argumentative essay topics, you should start brainstorming to generate more ideas.

    Another simple way to come up with ideas is by conducting research. Read journals and various online publications on the topic or something similar. Your thoughts should form the body paragraph. So when you create your outline, give a summary of your idea for each of the sections.

  9. Get evidence to support your point
  10. Remember you are writing your argumentative essay for others to read. And you cannot force people to accept your points. People need facts and proof before your points are claims can be accepted. And if you cannot provide enough, they may have to disagree instead of taking side with you.

    That said for every point that you write down, provide sources that will validate it.

  11. Write your conclusion
  12. Write a perfect conclusion to impress readers for the final time before they go elsewhere. But make sure you do not repeat your ideas but restate them using different words.


These steps will help you write an excellent essay. With an outline, you will be able to present your points in a logical and acceptable format. You will also be able to organise your ideas once you have a proper outline for your paper. But learn to impress readers with your first paragraph. Your introduction should be captivating and make readers want more. The tips as mentioned above will help you writing any English essay type assigned to you.